Rosso portafortuna a Capodanno

Red for good luck on New Year's Eve

Why is it customary to give RED underwear as gifts on New Year's Eve?

The custom of wearing red underwear during New Year's Eve is often linked to the same symbolism of luck, love and prosperity associated with the color red. This practice is particularly widespread in some cultures, especially in some regions of Europe and Latin America.

The color red is traditionally associated with love and passion. Wearing red underwear during New Year's Eve could be interpreted as a wish for a new year full of love, romance and positive relationships.

In some cultures, it is believed that wearing red underwear during the change of year can help attract good luck in love. It is believed that this color can positively influence the sentimental sphere and lead to satisfying relationships throughout the year.

Red is also associated with fertility and abundance. Wearing red underwear can be interpreted as a gesture to wish prosperity and abundance in personal and family life in the new year.

In some cultures, the custom of wearing red underwear during New Year's Eve may derive from ancient traditions or specific cultural beliefs that attribute positive meanings to red in different contexts, including underwear.
It should be noted that these interpretations can vary greatly between cultures and that not all people follow this custom. The important thing is that people who choose to adopt this tradition do so joyfully and as part of their cultural or personal expression.

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