Brafitting - Bra sizes

Why do we use EU sizes on our site? often in Italy the correspondence of sizes with respect to the European size varies: for example for some brands a 75 D EU corresponds to 2D for others to 3D. To avoid errors, check the label and size indicated next to EU on your bra.

Alternatively you can use the following information to calculate your size.

Choosing the right bra and the right size is of fundamental importance for health and comfort. A proper bra not only provides support to the breasts, reducing the risk of tissue and ligament damage, but also helps maintain correct posture. Furthermore, a well-fitting bra can improve the aesthetic appearance, providing optimal support without causing discomfort or irritation. Finding a bra that fits your breast shape and size correctly is essential to ensuring overall well-being and confidence in your figure.

How to take measurements for the perfect bra?

Breast circumference

  • Wear a comfortable bra, well-fitting but not restrictive, NOT sporty, this is because without a bra the size can vary based on the type and shape of the breasts.
  • Place the tape measure in the center of your breast, at the same level as your back. If you don't have a tape measure you can use a tape, mark it and then measure it.
  • Don't tighten the tape measure too much, inhale deeply and exhale to check that the tape measure is in the most comfortable position.
  • Mark this measurement, we will need it later...
Brafitting - Bra sizes

Bust circumference

  • Place the measuring tape and measure the circumference just under the breast.
  • Make sure the tape measure is even, does not twist and is level across your back and chest.
  • Measure yourself quite closely on the inhale.
Brafitting - Bra sizes

Use the tables below to find your size and cup:

Let's now calculate the size based on the bust measurement in cm: based on the measurement you took you will find the size expressed in number.

Circumference under the bust Cut
63-67 65
68-72 70
73-77 75
78-82 80
83-87 85
88-92 90
93-97 95
98-102 100
102-107 105
108-112 110
113-118 115
118-122 120
The size is determined by the range in centimeters of the circumference under the bust.

Now let's calculate the cup. Calculate the difference between the circumference of your breast and bust. Based on this difference, find your cup in the table below:

Difference Cup size
12-14 TO
14-16 B
16-18 C
18-20 D
20-22 AND
22-24 F
24-26 G
26-28 H
28-30 THE
30-32 J
32-34 K
34-36 L
This is the difference between the breast circumference and the bust circumference, expressed in centimeters.