Bras: which model is right for you?

Is there a perfect bra? the perfect model for a certain type of breast?

The short answer is no. The perfect model for your specific shape, beyond the advice we can/can give you, only you will often find it, especially in the case of large sizes through trial and error.

It is true that a certain type of bra can generally be recommended based on the characteristics and type of breasts, but the choice always remains very individual. There are those with relatively small cups who can't stand even the thinnest padding and those who, even with F, G and above cup sizes, cannot give up a full cup model.

Choosing the right size is very important. The bust and bust measurement identifies the ideal size, from here you can then explore different models to find your perfect model.

Our vast selection of bras in differentiated cups is designed to offer comfort and support without sacrificing style: with a range of differentiated cups (from A to M) and generous sizes, you will find the perfect bra to enhance your silhouette. Choose from a variety of styles, including padded, push-up, semi-padded, underwired or side-braced bras, for optimal support and an impeccable fit. Explore our selection now and find the ideal bra to enhance your natural beauty and unique style.

Non-padded (or soft) bras are an ideal choice for those who prefer a light, natural fit without the addition of additional padding. These bras offer bulk-free support through padding-free cups, which allow the natural shape of your breasts to shine through the fabric without sacrificing comfort or support.

SOFT collection

Semi-soft, or semi-padded, bras are the perfect choice for those who want a balance of support and comfort without excessive padding.

They offer partial support through lightly padded cups at the bottom of the cup, giving a natural shape and discreet support. The upper part of the cup is empty and can be smooth, tulle or lace.

Semi soft bras are especially suitable for those who prefer a lighter fit than fully padded bras.

SEMI-SOFT collection

The full cup or padded cup holder is perfect both for small cups who want to obtain a more defined shape and for larger and fuller cups for those who want a defined and rounded shape with a lifting effect.

The lightly padded pre-shaped cup offers complete breast coverage and camouflages small breast asymmetries.

Particularly appreciated in summer (but also in other seasons) are the t-shirt bra models which offer perfect invisibility under clothes.

FULL-CUP collection

The push-up bra is a type of padded bra which, thanks to its particular cut and additional padding which can be graduated or removable (additional sponges), offers a lifting effect and an increase in breast volume.

Usually chosen by women with medium/small breasts, it is also available in larger sizes and cups for those who want a more voluminous décolleté.

PUSH-UP collection
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