Size eleven bust

What does an eleventh of a bra size correspond to?

size 11 corresponds to a bust measurement between 113 and 118 cm (although the correspondence from brand to brand may vary). We use the corresponding size EU 115.

however, this number only indicates the size of the bust. It is also essential to know your cup size to choose the right size bra.

How do you choose the right bra?

To choose the right bra, first of all, measuring the bust and bust is essential. The right bra must have an underbust band that adheres perfectly to the bust but not tight, in this way you will obtain perfect support for the cup. A wide underbust band does not allow adequate support of the cup, the breasts will be saggy and the bra will be uncomfortable. The cup must be enveloping and, depending on its cut, contain the breasts, providing support without squeezing. With the right size, the shoulder straps will not bear excessive weight and will not hurt or leave marks, especially in the case of large sizes.

How do you figure out your bra cup?

use our brafitting guide by clicking here to understand how to take your measurements and find the exact bra size.

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