What does B cup bra mean?

What does B cup bra mean?

the bra size is given by a number that indicates the measurement of the bust or underbust and by a letter that indicates the cup. In short, the cup is the measurement of the bust size and is determined by calculating the difference between the bust size and the bust size. The greater the difference in cm, the larger the cup will be.

in our case, cup B corresponds to a difference between 14 and 16 cm between the bust and underbust.

it is in many cases considered the standard cup, so when you find a bra without a cup indication it is usually a B cup.

How do you figure out your bra cup?

sometimes it seems complicated but it isn't: use our brafitting guide by clicking here to understand how to take your measurements and find the exact bra size.

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How many bra cup sizes are there?

Many... Our assortment starts from cup A and reaches M.